Designing Cities For All #31: Navigating Barriers and Conflicts @ Pakhuis de Zwijger25.04.2022

Together We Design – Part II: Exploring the conflicting interests, systematic barriers, and power dynamics in co-design with Thobile Chittenden, Fulco Treffers, Setareh Noorani & Meghann Ormond.

Watch back via this link.

Overused terms like participation, engagement, co-creation, involvement, and inclusion, to name a few, have always been a matter of concern in designing cities. However, what does intentional participatory design mean? And why should we practice it? These questions are often neglected in discussions on designing cities for all. In this series, we aim to rethink the city for and by everyone by discussing who the designer is, what barriers and challenges are to shift from the user to co-designer, and how to make a true impact. With designers, researchers, practitioners, and policymakers, we will dive into the different components of participatory design within spaces, products, policies, and systems.