Interview: In light of A Funeral for Street Culture @ Subbacultcha03.08.2021

‘The space already had a very forceful grid, on which we’ve tried to proliferate. We tried to imagine a specific shift and translation of the grid, and to position different works within it. That’s one layer, as our spatial design is a layered design. Then there’s the theme, for instance. A funeral for street culture. What does it mean, as Jelmer just said, to celebrate street culture in a postindustrial age? What does it mean to mourn street culture in this age? An age of continual appropriation of street culture and DIY aesthetics. We asked ourselves how do we transpose that? We tried to let that seep through in the use of materials commonly associated with the transformation, appropriation, or gentrification of urban spaces. Via the use of fences and wooden walls that temporarily delineate spaces in transformation, for example.’