Designing The Social @ Het Nieuwe Instituut – Appropriation As Collective Resistance / Housing Futures (ongoing)

Housing Futures weekend (15/16 April 2022). Design by Kirsten Spruit.

Research project, and spatialised research, with Katía Truijen, René Boer, Ina Hollmann; continuing the Architecture of Appropriation research done by Marina Otero Verzier, Anastasia Kubrak, Katía Truijen, and René Boer.

For the additional highlight Housing Futures, see this link.

The fundamental right to affordable housing is under pressure worldwide. Despite the efforts of governments, wealthy investors, internationally operating real estate firms and private individuals keep the sector in an iron grip. As long as the housing supply is scarce, their profits are high. But what transformations are possible when the right to property is subordinated to the right to affordable housing and to live in the city? 

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