Metro54 @ Dutch Design Week – This Is A Take Over (2019)

Spatial Design. Featuring artwork by Sydney Rahimtoola

View on We Got it From Here zine, photo by Rachel Moron

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With Jelmer Teunissen. Spatial Design for Group Exhibition (Sculptures, Photography, Video, Performances) + Talk on design + Zine (picture: We Got it From Here) for the Metro54 exhibition and programme ‘This is a Take-over: Researching Remix’ at the Dutch Design Week

Transforming a space at TAC, Eindhoven, for it to present the works of four artists/collectives and host a week-long programme centred around the tensions between practices of remixing and cultural appropriation within contemporary urban arts and culture.

We see both the cultural institutions of the ‘fair’ and ‘white’ cube as rooted in colonial collecting practices that further the white gaze. Navigating the presence of marginalised perspectives and material cultures within this grid, we remixed Missy Elliot’s bars on remixing to form a hypergraphic mantra or spell.

This remix both facilitates and interrelates the works, situating them within a differentiated space that encourages reflection on the presence of Other voices and methods; drawing a parallel reflection between This Is a Take Over and other such cultural manifestations.