Zenevloed @ MAMA – Untitled Techniques (2020)

Group Exhibition: Photography, Video, Performance, and Talk.

Zenevloed presents: Untitled Techniques, a 2-hour programme showing the force behind our collective. Hosted within Neverland ‘s OTher Ways of Watching Together programme at MAMA during IFFR.

Almost four years we have been running Zenevloed, a collective which over time proved to be more than just an event series. We as a collective have bonded over shared ideals, passions, and a struggle to be understood. We seek to progress our activities, to cross domains, boundaries, and learn from each other’s ways-of-doing.

With the evening programme we propose as part of Neverland’s “Other Ways of Watching Together”, we would like to open up a twofold discussion about the ways topologies of memory and liminal archives find their way to highly personal works as well as about DIY ethos as an ever needed resistance. We will showcase works (in progress) by those part of our collective revolving around themes of trauma inflicted by displacement.

These forms of displacement relate to various urban crises within different timelines. The ways in which the depicted events are part of our personal archive also informs the position we take as a collective within the landscapes between music, visual art, and architecture.

S., Home Candids (imagineered by Jelmer Teunissen)

From the refugee camp to an apartment. This is for the spirits of my ancestors, blessing my soul, spicing my actions, contaminating my mind with an inherited instability, incompatible with present structures.

Matt Plezier (RandomZine), Untitled

Using everyday objects and (printing) techniques Matt Plezier builds installations that are inspired on what he photographs and finds on the streets. Accidental compositions, of debris, trash and discarded traces of human presence. By aesthetically re-arranging it into an installation these become metaphors of resistance and finding a voice against the commodification of everyday life.

Zenevloed talk, Other ways of watching and DIY’ing together: Personal archives and DIY ethos as resistance.

FUROR, UTOPIA I, II and III Each piece conveys a powerful audio and visual statement of the project which envisions nuclear lights, furious sounds and tortured bodies claiming their rage, building a cold, desperate world. Traces of decay, body morphing and industrial elements assault the senses and drag you to an unknown yet familiar place.